System      Country      Region   Surface area
Alamitos BayUnited StatesU.S. Pacific2Moderate Low
Albemarle SoundUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic2496.98Low
Alsea RiverUnited StatesU.S. Pacific9Moderate Low
Altamaha RiverUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic39.1Moderate Low
Anaheim BayUnited StatesU.S. Pacific5Moderate
Apalachee BayUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico1773Moderate Low
Apalachicola BayUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico593.7Low
Aransas BayUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico524.04Moderate
Atchafalaya/Vermilion BaysUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico2226.99Moderate Low
Baffin BayUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico239High
Barataria BayUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico852Moderate
Barnegat BayUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic182High
Belfast LoughUnited KingdomIrish Sea130Moderate
Biscayne BayUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic702Low
Blue Hill BayUnited StatesU.S. North Atlantic316.4Low
Bogue SoundUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic274Moderate Low
Boston HarborUnited StatesU.S. North Atlantic185.96Moderate
Brazos RiverUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico12Moderate Low
Breton/Chandeleur SoundUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico4301Low
Broad RiverUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic243Low
Buzzards BayUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic638.99High
Calcasieu LakeUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico260High
Caloosahatchee RiverUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico67Moderate Low
Cape Cod BayUnited StatesU.S. North Atlantic1439Moderate
Cape Fear RiverUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic100Moderate Low
Carlingford LoughIrelandIrish Sea49Low
Casco BayUnited StatesU.S. North Atlantic426.97High
Central San Francisco/San Pablo/Suisun BaysUnited StatesU.S. Pacific837.85Moderate Low
Changjiang (Yangtze) EstuaryChinaEast China Sea51000High
Charleston HarborUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic84.98Moderate High
Charlotte HarborUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico502Moderate Low
Chesapeake Bay MainstemUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic6973.998High
Chester RiverUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic196Moderate Low
Chincoteague BayUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic335High
Choctawhatchee BayUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico340Moderate High
Choptank RiverUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic411High
Columbia RiverUnited StatesU.S. Pacific615Moderate Low
Connecticut RiverUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic42Moderate
Coos BayUnited StatesU.S. Pacific44.1Moderate Low
Coquille RiverUnited StatesU.S. Pacific9Moderate Low
Corpus Christi BayUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico571High
Damariscotta RiverUnited StatesU.S. North Atlantic53.05Moderate
Delaware BayUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic2070Moderate Low
Delaware Inland BaysUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic72High
Drakes EsteroUnited StatesU.S. Pacific4Moderate High
East Mississippi SoundUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico654.6Moderate
Eel RiverUnited StatesU.S. Pacific22.02
Elkhorn SloughUnited StatesU.S. Pacific3High
Englishman/Machias BayUnited StatesU.S. North Atlantic225High
Firth of the ClydeUnited KingdomNortheast Atlantic2500Moderate High
Florida BayUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico1663High
Galveston BayUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico1455.98Low
Gardiners BayUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic511.98Moderate High
German Bight (inner)GermanyNorth Sea300Moderate High
German Bight (outer)GermanyNorth Sea400Moderate Low
Grays HarborUnited StatesU.S. Pacific235High
Great BayUnited StatesU.S. North Atlantic47.02Low
Great South BayUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic383Moderate Low
GuadianaPortugalNortheast Atlantic19.5Moderate
Hampton HarborUnited StatesU.S. North Atlantic3Low
Hood CanalUnited StatesU.S. Pacific396Moderate High
Huangdun BayChinaEast China Sea90Moderate
Hudson River/Raritan BayUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic799.04High
Humboldt BayUnited StatesU.S. Pacific64Moderate High
Indian RiverUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic866Moderate
James RiverUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic640Low
Jiaozhou BayChinaYellow Sea400Low
Kennebec/Androscoggin RiverUnited StatesU.S. North Atlantic76Moderate
Klamath RiverUnited StatesU.S. Pacific6
Lake BorgneUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico744Low
Lake PontchartrainUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico1878.989High
Larne LoughUnited KingdomIrish Sea8
Long Island Sound (1991)United StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic3400High
Long Island Sound (2002)United StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic3400Moderate
Lough FoyleUnited KingdomIrish Sea186Low
Lower Laguna MadreUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico1308.03High
Maryland Inland BaysUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic54High
Massachusetts BayUnited StatesU.S. North Atlantic768High
Matagorda BayUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico1114.95Moderate Low
Mermentau RiverUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico450
Merrimack RiverUnited StatesU.S. North Atlantic16Low
Mission BayUnited StatesU.S. Pacific8Moderate Low
Mississippi RiverUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico981Low
Mobile BayUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico1079Moderate
Mondego estuaryPortugalNortheast Atlantic10.81Moderate Low
Monterey BayUnited StatesU.S. Pacific545Moderate Low
Morro BayUnited StatesU.S. Pacific8High
Muscongus BayUnited StatesU.S. North Atlantic200.797Moderate Low
Narragansett BayUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic415.9Moderate Low
Narraguagus BayUnited StatesU.S. North Atlantic205.8Moderate High
Nehalem RiverUnited StatesU.S. Pacific9Moderate Low
Netarts BayUnited StatesU.S. Pacific10Moderate Low
Neuse RiverUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic456High
New Jersey Inland BaysUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic278Moderate Low
New RiverUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic88.02High
Newport BayUnited StatesU.S. Pacific5.1Moderate High
North Ten Thousand IslandsUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico390Low
North/South Santee RiversUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic17.998Moderate Low
Ossabaw SoundUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic88.1Low
Pamlico SoundUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic4680High
Pamlico/Pungo riversUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic452High
Passamaquoddy BayUnited StatesU.S. North Atlantic148
Patuxent RiverUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic141.99High
Penobscot BayUnited StatesU.S. North Atlantic992Low
Pensacola BayUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico477.03Moderate
Perdido BayUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico129Moderate High
Plum Island SoundUnited StatesU.S. North Atlantic15Low
Port Orchard SoundUnited StatesU.S. Pacific92High
Potomac RiverUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic1260Moderate High
Puget SoundUnited StatesU.S. Pacific1080Moderate
Rappahannock RiverUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic377Low
Ria de AveiroPortugalNortheast Atlantic60Moderate
Ria FormosaPortugalNortheast Atlantic49.5Moderate Low
Rogue RiverUnited StatesU.S. Pacific2Low
Rookery BayUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico35.01Low
Sabine LakeUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico265Low
Saco BayUnited StatesU.S. North Atlantic49Moderate High
Sado estuaryPortugalNortheast Atlantic179.7Low
San Antonio BayUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico587.6Moderate Low
San Diego BayUnited StatesU.S. Pacific44Moderate
San Francisco BayUnited StatesU.S. Pacific487.5Moderate High
San Pedro BayUnited StatesU.S. Pacific57Low
Sanggou BayChinaYellow Sea140Low
Santa Monica BayUnited StatesU.S. Pacific547Moderate High
Sarasota BayUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico124High
Savannah RiverUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic121Moderate
Sheepscot BayUnited StatesU.S. North Atlantic107.03High
Siletz BayUnited StatesU.S. Pacific7Low
Siuslaw RiverUnited StatesU.S. Pacific10.1Moderate Low
Skagit Bay/Whidbey BasinUnited StatesU.S. Pacific622
South Puget SoundUnited StatesU.S. Pacific448.996High
South Ten Thousand IslandsUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico227High
St. Andrew BayUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico252Moderate
St. Andrew/St. Simons SoundsUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic175.9Moderate Low
St. Catherines/Sapelo SoundsUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic187.9
St. Helena SoundUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic203Moderate Low
St. Johns RiverUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic684.7High
St. Marys River/Cumberland SoundUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic64Moderate Low
Stono/North Edisto RiversUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic69Moderate Low
Strangford LoughUnited KingdomIrish Sea149Moderate Low
Suwannee RiverUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico165Moderate Low
Tampa BayUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico901.1High
Tangier/Pocomoke SoundsUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic1057Moderate
Tejo estuaryPortugalNortheast Atlantic307.8Moderate Low
Terrebonne/Timbalier BaysUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico1262Moderate Low
Tijuana EstuaryUnited StatesU.S. Pacific1High
Tillamook BayUnited StatesU.S. Pacific38Moderate Low
Tomales BayUnited StatesU.S. Pacific28.8Moderate High
Umpqua RiverUnited StatesU.S. Pacific24Low
Upper Laguna MadreUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico591High
Venice LagoonItalyMediterranean Sea45
Wells BayUnited StatesU.S. North Atlantic1
West Mississippi SoundUnited StatesU.S. Gulf of Mexico1580.999Moderate Low
Willapa BayUnited StatesU.S. Pacific355High
Winyah BayUnited StatesU.S. South Atlantic89.04Moderate
Yaquina BayUnited StatesU.S. Pacific14Low
York RiverUnited StatesU.S. Mid-Atlantic206Low

Number of systems in ASSETS: 157
Total area covered: 134600.4370 km2

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