The NEEA/ASSETS and related work represents the time and effort of a large number of people from the field collection and analysis of samples to the interpretation and synthesis of data to the development and writing of reports. These lists attempt to identify those who participated at each stage of the work beginning with the original NEEA which began in 1991.


The original NEEA was put together in the US by a team of people from NOAA, other federal and state agencies, private organizations and colleges and universities. Likewise, data and information for the report was provided by a large number of people.



ASSETS was developed from the NEEA methodology by a team composed of NOAA scientists and researchers from the EU, working at the Institute of Marine Research (IMAR). The overall aim was to improve and update the NEEA, using real data that was consistent with the philosophy of the original work but was more robust in methodology.


NEEA/ASSETS Update Program


Related Activities

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